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trouble with keyboard midi recording


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  • trouble with keyboard midi recording

    I have been having trouble recording a song with my keyboard.  I have an hp computer with windows 7.  I have a yamaha keyboard and a hosa midi interface.  I'm using Anvil Studio software.  For a few months I have been unable to record a song.  Some people on forums have given me advice, but nothing has worked so far.  I need step-by-step directions.  I'm willing to pay someone an hourly rate if they will have a telephone tutoring session with me and help me get over the hump.  Please let me know.  I'm desperate.

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    It would be helpful to give a link to all those former forum discussions. Otherwise, we will need to repeat it all.

    I can help you here ot via private messaging, whatever you prefer. Just give the previous info first...



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      If you are willing to pay someone to help you, why are you using a FREE editing program and not getting a pro audio interface?  If you are just hacking around, I understand, but you can get a used computer sound interface for $100 and a decent DAW program for about $60.   This would allow you to have semi-pro music capability for vocals, keyboards/midi, DAW synths, other instruments, and editing.

      First, check the software capabilities to ensure that the FREE version supports midi recording... then CALL Hosa tech support to see if they can get you hooked up and running with that interface... that will get you free.

      You can also document your software and hardware process to get going and post it here for comments and forum support.

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      • Etienne Rambert
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        I'd try. But I don't know your software. You might give us a description of your set up.

        1. MIDI Out on Yamaha --->MIDI Input on interface?
        2. Is the Yamaha a USB Out? (I hate those)
        3. How is the interface connected to the computer?
        4. Oh yeah, which Yamaha are you using?