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Experience Adding Sound Librarys to Motif ES Rack?


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  • Experience Adding Sound Librarys to Motif ES Rack?

    I happened to given a listen to the "B's Knees" library of organ sounds at  Motifator.com - and for $35, thought they sounded like a decent improvement over the stock organ patches I'm currently using from my Motif ES Rack unit. 

    Unfortunately - I have very limited experience with the inner workings of the Motif.   I scanned my Motif ES Rack unit owner's manual - but didn't see anything that seemed to speak specifically to how to load 3rd party voices.  The general "Voice Library" product information says something about using the Motif ES Rack Editor Software to load them.  However, heretofore, I've simply used my Motif ES Rack unit as a black box of "factory preset" sounds.  I've never worked with the editor (I'm not even sure I've got the editor software...)

    I did some googling ... but didn't come up with anything succinct.   Can anybody with experience with this process point me in the right direction?

    The SpaceNorman


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    Here's a video on the Motifator site for doing exactly that.




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      I use a Motif ES6 and have purchased several libraries from Motifator, including B's Knees. IIRC I downloaded them and loaded them onto a flash drive. All I do is load the set I want from the flash drive and I'm in business. One caveat. I have my sample RAM maxed out at 2gb? I think. The ES Rack doesn't have sample RAM I seem to remember so stay away from sample libraries for the ES that require sample RAM. So long as they just use internal samples already in the ES, you should be fine. Good luck.