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Roland VR-09 Vs KingKorg


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  • Roland VR-09 Vs KingKorg

    am i the only one to think these occupy a very similar feature set and pricepoint?



    both have  descent VA synth engines (roland is basically the engine from jupiter80 version I)

    both 61  full size keybed (velocity)

    both have a ton of knobs and sliders

    both have standard sounds sets of pianos and organs




    king korg

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    polyphony and layering/split factor


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      I am also considering both for my gig/rehearsal instrument. I also have the Casio PX-5s in my equation, but it has a couple of "?"s around it...well, so does KKorg too.


      I want to peek under KingKirgs hood first, and its lack of second filter, reduced knobs(although they seem high quality!) and deleted step sequencer are annoying step backs. Its small, almost nothing, but it annoys me like hell, and I don't seem to be able to get over it. Lacking aftertouch is nothing deal breaking nor surprising either, but I want to see something extra instead of something lacking. Demos this far have been boring as well. (oops, I'm not really that negative, I'm still expecting it to sound very nice). 


      I like Gaias interface, but I don't love the fact, that you need iPad for it...and it seems, that actual programming will require editor in Kong Korgs case too? Can you, btw, put your own samples into either of these synths?


      and Casios rompler engine seem to be improved a great deal and the hex layering looks fun, its piano sounds very nice and I have heard good things about its hammer action as well. Its effects system seem to be rewritten and seems to be really good too.



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        cresshead commented
        Editing a comment

        "I like Gaias interface, but I don't love the fact, that you need iPad for it...and it seems, that actual programming will require editor in Kong Korgs case too? Can you, btw, put your own samples into either of these synths?"


        you mean the VR-09 (not the gaia...that has 1 to 1 parameter controllers)

        for editing the VR-09 teh not sure about if you can do EVERYTHNG from the keyboard.


        I lke the multi OLED displays on the KingKorg and yeh we've not heard any compelling patch demo's yet.

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      I dont know the Roland, but I own the Kingkorg and it sounds fantastic


      Check this demo out:




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        So folks, lets have a congregated discussion comparing synths, sequencers and lots of stuff available out there in the market. My opinion may be biased towards synth because I am looking for one and have seen various people fight for this stuff. Reading the manuals of most/ all of the mentioned models in my post... Excuse me for the length... Can't make it short for guys like me....

        This post doesnt just speak about the KK and Roland VR-09 but it would give us a good discussion about what we would want as per our req. And being a casio user right since child hood. I would always support casio for thier low cost instruments or properly priced for the features. The tonal quality compromise will indeed exist for casio because.... hey it's still a casio but in synth, does it really matter when you tweak every bit and piece of the tone?

        After having four casio keyboards (one being a DP), and once had a Yamaha MM6 (The cutest synth in budget) which I sold off few months ago. I am plannin to buy a professional synth for around a 1000$ and I would definitely go with KingKORG, which can cover the 128 notes of midi, which indeed requires 2 octave up + 2 octave down 61 keys.

        The VR-09 is not a synthesizer but more of the kind like a mini workstation, or a digital keyboard. One can never compare it with a full scape synth like the King. In the sense, a VA synthesizer is what we look for in Korg and it's purely based on the requirement. If i have to create tones from scratch and then add up effects to it, I would go with the KingKORG. on the other hand, if I want more as a one man band, i would go with VR-09, XW or indeed a better one like GW-08 or Juno Gi / Di if I am a guitarist (but i already have a pro guitar processor).

        But then guys the KK has no patterns/ styles. It's got no external audio in. All it has got is what you call a vocoder other than synth and ofcourse a USB Midi and a dedicated midi. But they've done pure justice to the juicy output it gives... and the tweakability you get with it... the modern features like iPad editor and SW Voice editor is a drawback.

        On the other hand, a CASIO XW-P1 or a G1 is/are good keyboards/ synths, and as said, casio prices thier devices to the features you get... Why I wouldn't choose casio this time is because i already have plenty!!! I love these folks here at casio. And on top, looking from the pure synth part of it as I want, why would I go with a performer... I'd rather choose to go with a synthesizer which is purely synthesizer as I already have a digital piano that has basic patterns and a 10 sec sampler (compared to VR 09 that has 20 sec) so I would opt for kingKorg.

        When I have a decision like this, confused, I would always see,, will it be easier for me to tweak a single tone and use my other stuff as Backup? or should I have same knobs/ buttons / sliders that keep changing for every parameter/ program or what ever? I prefer former.

        At this point, what we can compare is what we get in what... but over all, I would say, among KK, VR 09 and XW (I already tried XW and was pretty impressed with Hex Layers which can be something like a multi fx)

        KK>> XW-P1>>VR-09 (mind the >> as i really mean it)

        the above one inequality has been given based on priority 1(highest) -> 9 (lowest) keeping synthesizer in mind.
        1) Synth Features
        2) Ease of Use
        3) Price
        4) Other features mentioned as per thier mfrs
        5) Tonal quality

        I do love roland Fantom series, I did play one fantoms but guys, you can't expect quality of flagship models, in the street priced units. That's ridiculous haha.

        VR-09 is not a full scape synth, like you can't choose the oscillators, filters and stuff. You have EG control which you can get in a casio WK series also. You have a Multi FX... but in contrast, KK has nothing but oscilallators, filters and what not you see in vintage synth?? AN ASSIGNABLE EFFECT PARAMETER TO MOD WHEEL!!! unlike a D-BEAM in VR-09 and support for foot controller and a foot switch. This exactly does and only does what it is supposed to do.

        Another cheaper yet GOOD and COMPACT synth would be a Waldorf Blofeld ( 300$ in amazon UK without keyboard) with a MIDI Keyboard.
        (for 100 - 150 $)

        so If you guys want good tone with good quality keyboard in cheapest price, XW is your choice (cheap and best). And A HEX LAYER!!!! And Controllers, sequencer, pattern creator, complete voice editor including filters and oscillators, doesn't it sound cool???

        If you want to go with a home work station and say off that you use a pro KBD, go with VR-09 which still is a good option for the Roland's SUPER NATURAL tone which gives amazing acoustic tones...

        If you want to be able to get tones similar to what Jordan Rudess uses. KingKORG is the best option as it's got many inbuilt tones generated from the Korg MS 20 and other synths Rudess uses... who knows you may get a continuum tone and features too!!! I would experiment on that and will post a video here when I do. Cuz i'm excited about that...

        All my notes is only for around 1000$ keyboards. Let me know incase i'm wrong or you may need any more information. Only reason i'm not suggesting Yamaha MX is because, it's not as intuitive as any of the above models.... conjested display and knobs.... but YAMAHA is any day a YAMAHA... nothing like it's tone!!!

        If you want a full scape work station, in budget, you may go for Korg Krome 61... around 1200 $ ?? .But it's got all the tonal tweakability as you have in KingKorg (not as intuitive as KK though, all implemented in touch).... or even the full pattern sequencer( much better than VR-09)... and just for few bucks more than it's competitors? Choice is all yours


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          logiccracker, have you looked at the iPad interface for the VR-09 yet? You have control over the oscillators and filters there, I believe.
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            Right, with the iPad, the VR-09 has full synth functions.

            Other synths in this price range are the DSI Mopho x4 and the Studiologic Sledge, which is kind of a less versatile but knobbier Blofeld.

            The Mopho x4 and the Blofeld have aftertouch, which is nice.

            The King Korg and Blofeld can also both benefit from a cool iPad app, Patch Morpher.