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THE BIG ENIGMA OF Prokeys 88sx VS Prokeys sono88


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  • THE BIG ENIGMA OF Prokeys 88sx VS Prokeys sono88

    The quality of PK88xs

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    So no one knows anything about this?
    Anyway does any one knows if the prokeys sono is DISCONTINUED?
    Check this site http://www.avalive.com/M-Audio/9900-52550-10/53556/productDetail.php


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      I don't know about the sample size etc., the manufacturers often keep that close to the chest unless its so large they want to boast about it.   However, in these days of multi-GB piano sample-sets, no hardward piano maker is likely to want to boast of their humungous 128-Mbit(!) sample set.  I have the 88sx and the Yamaha P90.  I like the P90 piano (and of course action) better, but for the price I found the 88sx to be pretty usable and relatively natural-sounding.  Just go listen to it - decide if you like it.  Doesn't really matter how many bits it has if it sounds good to you.