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Where to repair aCarlo Robelli keyboard


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  • Where to repair aCarlo Robelli keyboard

    Hi, this is my first post here. I have a Carlo Robelli 61 key Keyboard, synthesiser. Kind of old school but it is what I have. My two young daughters also play on it. I was recently told that the computer board on it needs to be changed out and for the life of me I cannot find any info at all where to take it or get the part. I sure would appreciate some knowledge on this one if anybody has some. We split time between South Ensenada and South O.C. If I could find out where to order the board on line I would have this this back up and playing. Thank you for any time that one might lend.

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    If I remember correctly, Carlo Robelli is a Sam Ash house brand, so that would be my first call for service. In some cases, Sam Ash may be putting their name on a board that is available elsewhere under some other name (i.e. would have the same parts). If you posted a pic of it, maybe someone could tell you, "oh yeah, it looks like that's the same as a such-and-such" and that might give you some more leads on who may be able to service it.


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      Keyboard repairs can be quite expensive. You may find that there may not much of a price difference between buying a new inexpensive keyboard or finding a used one in good condition on Craig's List, and repairing the one you have.


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        What Karma said. Any good keyboard tech will charge more then your keyboard is worth (Caro Robelli is not expensive) to fix it.


        You'd do much better to buy a used board on craigslist,for the same money.