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  • Xw-P1 announcement?

    so what's the thing coming out at summer NAMM next week about the XW-P1 and iPad?  is it just a control app for the XW?

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    Rather than speculate how about we wait one week and know exactly what it is.
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      Where's the fun in that dave? I'd imagine CASIO would be delighted of have a bit of buzz going about it...
      Anyways, it's an app that gives you all the tone editing controls that the data editor has, in a touch interface.
      Which looks great so far!
      The announcement seems to be taking longer than expected at this stage.


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      Hello - I just wanted to let everyone know there is an independent Facebook group for the XW-P1 and XW-G1. We share tips and tricks, sound files, music and how-to's. I know not everyone likes Facebook, but if you need a question anwered quickly it is very helpful.  Anyway - just thought I would put it out there.. all are welcome! .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

      If you're new to FB groups, just follow the link and press the "Join Group" button in the upper right-hand side of the screen: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Casio.XW.Synths/



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