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Which sounds for playing guitar parts?


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  • Which sounds for playing guitar parts?

    I'm going to be covering a few rhythm guitar parts for some upcoming gigs, but I'm having trouble finding a good sound to use. The parts are mainly chugging/stabbed power chords.

    Ignoring the standard "distorted guitar" patches (fun but useless), I've been trying Hammonds and EPs with varying levels of drive/distortion, but none of them have been entirely satisfactory. Does anyone here have a particular sound they use for a similar purposes, or ideas of any new avenues for me to try?


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    Try something from the Clavinet family of patches.  Chord rhythms with a clav patch can do the "chunky" thing pretty well - especially if you can voice them in the "sweet spot". 

    Personally, I'm usually OK with replacing a rhythm guitar part with a keyboard voice (usually with an AP or EP patch) rather than trying to emulate a rhythm guitar voice.  A rhythm part played on a keyboard will sound different than that same part played on guitar - embrace it !!!!

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      Thanks for the suggestions, I think a clav will work well with the parts. I agree about emulating the actual sound of the rhythm guitar, finding something that fits the feel of the guitar parts (and fills the same kind of space in the mix) just feels more natural.

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    I read that Jan Hammer would play through guitar pedals and amps to get the "guitar" sound on the Miami Vice theme.

    I quite like the plucked guitar sound on the Korg Prophecy though it's clean and Fripp-y but I like it for that reason. Prophecy is monophonic though. I imagine the Z1 and other Korgs with physical modelling would do better.



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      I like to use the Wurli on my Electro 3, with a bit of distortion. Seems to blend really well with guitars on tunes that don't really have a keyboard part, stuff like ZZ Top, etc....


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        That's what I've ended up doing - Wurly through the amp sim. I've got a touch of clav that I can switch in and out if I need a bit more top end as the Wurly can sound a bit muddy.