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  • Roland dj 70 questions

    Hi all

    I got this little beast for peanuts and i would like it to work as a sampler,i have downloaded all the library sounds i could find - it can read W30,S550,S330,S770 samples - but the problem is that although i got almost 150 disk images i cant find a way to make them readable for the Dj - 70.

      Furthermore the floppy drive although i dont get any read errors from the old 1.44 disks and 720k i have used and i even managed to format many of them its doenst seem easy to make them readable on the unit - maybe a partly faulty drive here ? or it needs specifis type of disks,think its not faulty since i never get a "disk error" message.

    Any help yould be great cause i think it still has some potential even today.

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    I couldn't understand whether you succeeded to use the floppy drive for saving any data. Nor did I understand whether you have at least one working floppy which you were able to load without errors.

    I suggest you try to format one floppy and then save some data on it. This will indicate whether the drive is functioning or not.


    If the drive is working, then the next step would be experiment with high density vs. double density and single-sided vs. one-sided. I would also look at the different options when copying the images to the floppy (It would be helpful if you could give a screenshot of the various options available).