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  • Check Out IK MULTIMEDIA Special!

    Hey Folks,

    First of all, let me say LOUDLY!  I AM NOT an employee at IK Multi!  I repeat...I am NOT an IK Multimedia employee.  I am simply a VERY grateful customer that is writing this on my own volition. So, PLEEZE don't taze my thread, man!  As a perpetually poor, struggling musician, I'm sure many of you can identify with me scouring the web for hours on end for years looking for free quality sounds.

    Well, I just scored the deal of a lifetime!  I was already an owner of SampleTank2 L from back in '04, and knew of the ease of working with ST2.  Yes, the authorizations are kind of a pain, but check out this deal. Since I was already a user, I got 50% off on upgrading to ST2XL for $70!  That's 7Gigs of great sounds! $10/Gig...NOT BAD!  But it doesn't stop there!  Wth their current promotion I qualified to get any of their other virtual synths (check their site) for FREE! I downloaded Miroslav Philharmonik, ANUTHA 7 Gigs! That's $5/Gig!  And at the expense of selling gadgets on late night TV!...BUT WAIT!  If you act now...You can get yet another free product due to their Group Buy rules! ( See website...remember, I'm not paid for this) I'm getting the Sonik Synth!  ANUTHA 8 Gigs of sounds!!! That's 22!...Count 'em TWENTY-TWO GIGS for $70 BUCKS! Like barely $3/Gig!  Wanna know what else???  Now, this has nutin' to do with IK Multimedia, but if you REALLY want to make life simple, and BEAUTY-FULL, go to Chicken Systems website, and get their new release of Translator Special Edition for Sample Tank, and for $80 you can convert most, if not all of your other formats to ST2.  ROLL ME IN THE MUD WITH ALL THE PIGS!

    Again, I'm not an employee of EITHER!! NO DIRTY EMAILS TO ME, OR THEM FOR MY WORDS!


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    Nice deal.  I just added Miroslav Phil by way of free download to my iPud.  IK, so far, seems like a pretty good outfit.

    Dave Smith Prophet REV2 :: Moog Slim Phatty :: Doepfer d3m controller :: GSI Burn :: Yamaha MOX6 :: Roland Gaia


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      Hope your host does 32 bit. Logic X doesn't.