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  • Thoughts on a digital piano

    Hi - I'm a guitar palyer normally, but looking for a piano for my family (lessons for kids, playing for wife, plinking about for me).  Went to Guitar Center today and tried a Yamaha P155, Casio PX 350-M and a Korg SP170. The Korg has gotten really good reviews, but the keys just did not feel anywhere as good as teh Yamaha and, surprisingly, the Casio (I still thin of Casio as cheap 80's synths!).  

    Do you all have any input or suggestions?  Durability? Other issues?


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    SP170 is lower range. not fair to compare to P155
    i would say korg is not "there" yet when it comes to digital piano.
    yamaha, roland, kawai makes good digital pianos. many to choose from for around $1K. they are all good, but different


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      In low cost DPs, typically, Casio x50 series for the best action, Yamahas for the best sound. If it's going to be used in a stationary location (i.e. at home and not gigging), if it's not too inconvenient to have a computer nearby, you can always improve the Casio's sound by triggering a software piano.

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    I was in this boat a while back too...eventually I chose a Yamaha P155....i made the right choice...fantastic sound and the feel is just fantastic...I also do not gig so it is perfect for me living room....i really like it a lot.


    • JeffLearman
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      The P155 would gig quite well too. Like the Privias, the piano comes off the stand easily, and you can use a roadworthy stand on stage. Plugging something in the headphones jack disables the onboard speakers, but some folks like them on even on stage, even though they're not loud enough to hear, because of the way it feels.