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keyboard music light -- "Light Flute"


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  • keyboard music light -- "Light Flute"

    This is marketed as a general-purpose task light, but it makes a nice music light for a keyboard since it can stick magnetically to the top of your keyboard. 

    There's an overview here:
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    Thanks for the info; I'm going to look for them online now...should be perfect to put between the 2 keyboards.



    • theGman
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      Bought one at Home Depot...cost a little more, about $12 for one, but seems to be fine for what I need.


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    Nice!  I have a problem seeing my bottom keyboard when I am running two keyboards - this would be PERFECT!


    Thank you!    I'll give Santa my order tonight!


    • pogo97
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      FWIW, I've put 'invisible' tape over the holes which helps to diffuse the light just a little better.