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    would be good for my mom who reads zinio and wikipedia a lot.

    how about us musicians ? beneficial for synth apps ? score sheet certainly better

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    It would be cool if it would let you run 2 apps side by side, essentially each in an ipad Mini sized "window." I would find that more useful than simply making everything bigger.

    Another alternative is that they could use the size to increase the amount of workspace rather than simply making the same workspace bigger. That could be interesting, but also gets more complicated, in terms of possibly creating apps that can't run on all models. So far, every iPad, regardless of size or resolution, shows the same content area, which is part of why there are no issues of app compatibility among the different modes, it would be a pretty major change to alter that.


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      I would find this interesting if that would end with keyboardless mac air with both osx and ios support - in other words a competition to surface pro 2 .... but doubt that this will happen


      • nolights
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        I used an iPad 2 with MusicReader, as a sheet music reader. The screen was just too small. I now use a larger Asus slate -- but a bigger iPad would be ideal.

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      I just upgraded - a couple of days ago - to the new iPad Air.  64 GB with AT&T.  Set me back $829 plus another $29 for an "old iPad to Lightning converter" (so I can connect my older iRig device), and $49 for a case.  Not an insignificant investment.

      I haven't done much with music on my older iPad (version 3) other than fiddle around a bit.  But I've got GarageBand, several other synths, and Audiobus, and I plan to really delve into it a bit more in the coming months.

      What I'd really like is an iOS MIDI sequencing program, specifically built to work with external synths like Sunrizer, iMini, Alchemy, etc.  I'd like the ability to "freeze" these softsynth MIDI tracks into audio, like I do on my iMac with Digital Performer, and ultimately bounce them down into a stereo mix.  Does anyone know if something like that exists?

      I suppose a bigger screen would be cool - aren't they always?  I mostly use my iPad for the web, email, Facebook, watching movies and TV shows while traveling, and to read Kindle books.  But I do like the portability the current iPad size offers, and even with a case it is lightweight enough to easily hold while reading a novel before bedtime.

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        I had to explain to my 4 yo kiddo that the 42" isn't touch sensitive LOL.