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Motif ES6 vs Motif XS6- very detailed comparison


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    I left motifator.com a long time ago. I felt like Bruce Lee in Fists of Fury when a V-Synth argument broke out.

    Too many fanatics!

    Check it out, it might still be there.

    Nice review but the S90ES is all the Yamaha I need. I mean that in a good and a bad way.
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      Oh well, I'm still gonna buy an XS! Anyways, I know the differences between ES / XS wouldn't justify (selling the ES and) getting the XS (unless you really like color screens), but I have a "Classic" .... and the new features (2.0 USB [instead of Smartmedia], vocoder, ribbon, lesser weight [2 kilos off], 4 arps at the same time [instead of 1], 6000 phrases [instead of 128])
      ... well.... good 'nuff for me.......
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        I don't think they have really done much to improve the engine since the CS6x or EX5.
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          1. Cubase, Cubase, Cubase. They seem to be pushing for tighter integration with Cubase which is fine if you use Cubase. I use Logic, Sonar and Live.

          I am not sure what this means. Sure, they are giving away Cubase LE (it came with my MM6), but I dont see how it can be integrated better with one particular software brand. It all works in the same way, unless there is something I am missing. I use Sonar, my synth works flawlessly with it.
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            I am not sure what this means. Sure, they are giving away Cubase LE (it came with my MM6), but I dont see how it can be integrated better with one particular software brand. It all works in the same way, unless there is something I am missing.

            I do think Yamaha runs a risk if they push the Motif XS-Cubase integration too far that they alienate non Cubase users.

            From the Motifator.com forum (a post by "Yamaha_US"):

            Also available later this week will be the AI ( Advanced Integration) extensions for Cubase. These will install in Cubase AI, Cubase Studio and Cubase 4.

            The AI Motif XS extensions do several things:
            -- They allow the importing of songs stored in Motif XS format (in Motif XS All files or All Song files) directly into Cubase.
            -- When using the AI Firewire driver, the extensions automatically make all the connections ( both MIDI and Audio) between the computer and Motif XS via Firewire.
            -- They also include Cubase Project templates for using the Motif XS with Cubase.

            http://www.motifator.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=1,2,4&Board=MotifXS&Number=324147 &page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1


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              Quote by Martin Hines:

              "I do think Yamaha runs a risk if they push the Motif XS-Cubase integration too far that they alienate non Cubase users."

              Not only that, how about alienating players that don't want to integrate a computer for sequencing? Like me. I realize there are a lot more home studio players that are already using a PC and sequencing software to compose tracks, and I understand the benefits. However, I sequence classic rock songs for God's sake. I don't NEED to invest the time or the money into using a computer based sequencer with a large screen. Totally unnecessary, at least for me. I've gotten along for years with a small screen and a sequencer built into the workstation I own and it kept things simple and productive. Yamaha is hell bent on integrating their workstations with PC's. That's fine, except one thing. What would I need a workstation class board for if the computer is going to be doing some of the things workstations use to do? I might as well buy a good quality digital piano if I was going to go the PC route. Or better yet, just skip the hardware and use soft synths instead.

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                "Yamaha, what disturbs me is how you are telling people how to listen to this unit. As if the members of this forum are amateurs or idiots. Many people in this forum have tons of professional equipment and have been playing synths for years. They know what they want and they know what sounds good and what doesn
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                  Honestly, I think most people on forums right now considering a Motif XS are NOT noobs ... and I don't think a total amateur would be shelling out that much coin for frankly such an un-sexy synth ...

                  But maybe Motif owners DO need guidance how to make their synths sound good.


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                    feeling bitter today?

                    it sure sounds like it..

                    I read through the manual on the weekend. the sequencer looks good..the file management looks good. I am pretty eagar to try one out as a possible replacement to my Fantom X6.


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                      Who, me?

                      Happy Tuesday!

                      "It's a great day to work on synths!"

                      ... damn ... I don't think that was bitter enough.


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                        Sorry, I have to disagree here, there are quite a few amateurs and idiots on many forums.

                        Especially on this forum. Aside from the immoral and indecent that goes on around here all of the time, there are a lot of young Canadian degenerates who don't read the manual (a sign of theft - they steal the keyboard and forget to take the manual), don't take music lessons (can't read). It's a shame, really.


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                          Yeah, Swardle. You're a real class act.

                          BTW, that was sarcasm, not bitterness.

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                            Wow, so teknobrat2003 had to cross-post this message in multiple forums... well, I'll repeat it here: I do not trust any advice from people who use "terms" like "warm", "phat", "crisp", "muffy" and so on. Rings a bell for me.

                            And yeah, the piano is the same good old CFIII - it's just playing on the 61-key semi-weighted action with no sustain pedal is probably not quite the way you're supposed to dig it... and so on.

                            With all the hype and anticipation. I am some what disappointed to see all the negative feedback and comments. I really have to go see it for myself.
                            You should have followed the discussion that started upon the introduction of the Motif ES some 4 years ago... the complaints were exact the same almost word for word, except that people were comparing the ES to the Motif classic, the Triton Studio and the Fantom S.


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                              If there's nothing innovative about it, how can it be a step in an evolution?

                              My brother was born after me... he's another step in the evolution of my family... he isn't innovative...

                              The JX10 came after the JX8P. The JX10 is not innovative.

                              The DX7S came after the DX7, the DX7S is not innovative.

                              Etc.. etc...

                              please stop trying to be provocative, this is a nice forum.


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                                I think no-one has really done much to improve the sampling synthesis since the Emulator II.

                                VSynth, ACID, Ableton Live all completely changed how we think about sampling... back in '84 (and I started playing back in the S900 days) we couldn't have imagined such things... I remember even trying to convince my musical partner to part with