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  • Elecktron analog keys

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    Uuufff!!! Poly and all!!! o/


    Rarely my dreams get this close to fulfillment anymore, and never quite this wet. I have been both wishing for, and lately also needing an analog workstation, and here it is, with workflow of divine providence. It reminds me of making love to a beatiful woman; 5 minutes and the song is done.


    But. Dear norse synth gods, please let this be fairly appropriate for my (wifes) wallet!

    I am wanting, I am thinking
    To arise and go forth singing,
    Sing my songs and say my sayings,
    Hymns ancestral harmonizing,
    Lore of kindred lyricking.
    In my mouth the words are melting;
    Utterances overflowing
    To my tongue are hurrying,
    Even against my teeth they burst.


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    It is definitely nice but a little pricey for me this year.

    I will probably end up getting the Analog Four first, and this later after I also get the Machinedrum.


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      Now with individual audio outs per track plus the previously included stereo out.