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Korg RK-100 midi issues


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  • Korg RK-100 midi issues

    Last month I scored a Korg RK-100 keytar. It's in decent shape, some scrapes but otherwise structurally sound. I set it up in my studio to make quickly make sure it worked. It seemed fine. Last weekend though I brought it to a gig and hooked it to my V-synth XT and immediately I had midi issues. The V-Synth indicated a Midi compatibility error (?) It wasn't triggering any data. When I looked down at the RK-100 the LED lights were flashing through all the pattern and bank indicators. I swapped out batteries... and the problem just continued.

    Any ideas what could be causing this all of the sudden to crap out? Or did I just get taken for $225 dollars.
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    225 dollars seems a lot. I have one, paid 150 for mine in 1993, and still feel like I've been had... Are they supposed to be velocity sensitive? If so, then I've really been had.
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      Not Velocity sensitive. I don't mind paying $225 ... if the thing works properly. After all AX-1's and AX-7's are listing for $500+. I just theen this for one or two songs.
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        If anyone of you here have a Korg Rk-100 that doesn't work, i will buy it no question ask!! Msg me vip99.ca@hotmail.com

        Thank you


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          Hi, I just received a Korg RK100 with the same problem you have described. Did you ever solved he problem of blinking Leds?

          Can you advise me on how to solve it on my own, please? Is there any reset procedure available?


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            or get the all NEW RK 100 foor ...around $599 in may/june

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          Hi, WHERESGRANT3, can you answer my question regarding the MIDI problem of your RK 100, please? Replacing of some IC's did not get anything so far in my case.

          Were you able to repair your own RK?


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            Yeah, please tell us what happened, did you get it fixed? did you find out what the problem was? I have the exact same model and same problem.