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  • "New" Korg Triton?

    Well, kind of. I just read an announcement about the Korg Triton Taktile. Here's a brief blurb about it:

    "TRITON taktile is a USB/MIDI controller that includes 512 program sounds from the legendary Korg TRITON workstation. The sounds range from standards such as electric piano and organ to synth leads for soloing and elegant pads, making this a treasury of sounds that will stimulate and inspire you as a player. You can also control the TRITON taktile from your computer via USB MIDI as an external sound module to enhance your existing music production setup."

    So it looks like its a controller keyboard with Triton sound banks. Very interesting, but I find it curious that Korg went back to the Triton series for the sounds, considering that they've had a number of newer generations of synths since the Triton. Perhaps it was more economically feasible for them to do that - I don't know. Not that its a problem as far as I'm concerned. I'm a fan of the Triton and still use my Korg Karma and Micro X, both of which use the Triton sound engine, although I use my M3 more since getting that. But it looks like this new model is available in 61, 49, and 25 key versions. Its also reasonably priced. Looks like its got lots of real time control too. However, they are on pre-order now and not out till June. 

    Here's a video link:


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      This is a really good idea.  I've been saying for years that Korg should put the Triton sound engine into a 49 key keyboard with full sized keys.  For $499 (probably $399 out the door) this should sell pretty well.

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    Just doing some research and it looks like its only available in 49 and 25 key models, not the 61 I originally mentioned above. 

    But does anyone know if it has 1/4" or 1/8" output jacks and can be used as a stand alone synth, or is it just midi and usb out? Nothing I've read so far mentions audio outputs. I would think it would at least have a headphone jack. 


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      Im pretty confident the triton taktile will have some sort of audio out , at least stereo 1/8

      but will it do combi mode? What about effects, synthesis engine?


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        I thought it was a controller with Triton sounds in software form from the video I saw.  But I didn't watch the whole thing

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      I just looked the manual, which is surprisingly sparse. It appears as 38 pages, but only the first 7 pages are in English, then it repeats in other languages - so not much in it. However it did answer the two questions I had:

      There is an audio output - a 1/8 inch mini for headphones or powered monitors. Of course I'd prefer stereo 1/4" jacks but at least there is something.

      Also, it says it can be used as a stand-alone unit accessing the built-in 512 sounds without connecting to a computer.

      Those two things definitely make it more usable for my needs.


      • shambler
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        There are 2 versions of both the 25 and 49 key boards.

        There's the 25