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Roland RD700sx to Ketron SD2 advice.


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  • Roland RD700sx to Ketron SD2 advice.

    I just bought a new Ketron SD2 sound module to connect to my Roland RD700SX stage piano.Its all plugged in so far.

    I have 1 midi cable going from Midi in on the sound module to midi out on the piano.I also have a dual RCA lead going from the L and R of the sound module to the Roland KC350 amp.I wasnt aware of the need for that.

    The SD2 module doesnt have a midi out.It has a midi thru.

    Its all connected up.I got up to the part where in the Roland owners book the screen shows the External zone.I can get the screen to show whats in the diagram.After that the books gets confusing.This is the first problem I've ever had using the piano.


    About 2 weeks ago I bought a brand new XRS 12 expansion board and added that to it.After a few days I decided I wanted a sound module.


    Here are the links to the handbooks:


    And the roland:



    I have contacted the music shop where I bought the module.I've contacted Roland themselves.I've got to sort this out.There are 3 individual sections in the Roland handbook about connecting sound modules.


    If you've had experiences with the Roland RD series and connecting a sound module I would really appreciate your advice.