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VR-09 iPad stand/holder?

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  • VR-09 iPad stand/holder?

    Where can I get one (example in pic)? or how to make one? I'd rather have something to hold the lyrics and iPad when I sing and edit the synth paraments. Putting stuff on the keyboard is incovinient because it always gets in the way of some keys/buttons.

    Edit: my keyboard is on a wooden table in my room, not on any stand although I do have the On stage X stand folded above the wardrobe. No place in my room, so.

    Thanks for help
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    btw I tried putting a link to a pic of an iPad holder in Roland's site but for some reason I can't remove it nor does it work.


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      The only one I've seen on Roland's site is just a regular music stand.

      How about using a mic stand and a mic-stand iPad holder?
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        The thing with holes in it and an iPad on it is a music stand.

        Here are a couple of my solutions:

        This first one is basically part of a 2nd tier upright for an x stand with a mic bracket (on stage I think) bolted too it. I think I had to chop a bit off the bracket as I seem to recall it was a U shape originally but it works fine. Just screw into one of the x stand cross members that the kb sits on then screw a gooseneck onto the mic screw and an iPad holder onto that (I use a Cris Kenna X clip).

        I also have this set up on my mic stand. Very similar except that I did not have to modify the bracket at all.

        One other thing I do is to just screw the gooseneck and x clip onto the top of a mic stand (when I don't need my mic). works fine without being too intrusive.
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