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    Hello all, Have just signed up but not trawled the forum archives yet. I have joined up to try get discussion with Korg M1 users. Have just got my first M1 and dying to find out more about this fine workhorse. Any Korg M1 users out there? Thankyou, Mark

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    Yes, I use a Korg M1 since the the late '80s / early '90s Classic workstation with classic sounds.


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      You will probably find a lot more information over at www.korgforums.com under the Korg Synths (General) section. That's where they discuss the M1 evidently. I've got the Korg Legacy Collection and use the M1 and WaveStation VST instruments in Cubase. I owned both of the original hardware versions years ago. The cool thing about the Legacy Collection is they both include all the ROM & RAM cards that were available. Lots of good stuff in there.
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        never bored talking bout m1. it took my breath away in 1990 listening to the beautiful sax. 2 lines lcd but still so easy to program. limited soundset but the combi mode makes it a great midi controller too. i miss mine


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          I have one. still works after all these years.


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            We have one in the studio to record with but they were huge in Jamaica. The Tejano bands still use them also. It's one of the keyboards on the used market with a high residual. I get them, replace the batteries,and reload the sounds. The only thing about them for me is the action is lacking. I also used a lot of the T series boards like the T-3, T-3 EX, T-2, T-2 EX also.
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              Well its a classic and a part of synth history, had it 5 times and i still miss that, keep it definitelly, then explore it really worths a lot more than its street price nowdays.
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