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Yamaha MX61 annoying vibrato and panning

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  • Yamaha MX61 annoying vibrato and panning

    i bought a Yamaha MX61 a few months ago, and while a number of
    the presets are quite acceptable, many of the orchestral voices have,
    regrettably, been sampled with (what i consider to be) an excessive
    amount of vibrato which cannot be overridden . additionally, i've been
    both perplexed and frustrated by some of the stereo/panning schemes
    assigned to some of the instruments, especially when i want to use,
    for example, a cello melody and it jumps back and forth
    from left to right. in spite of a panning control, this issue cannot be corrected
    …just moves everything further left or right together.
    i'm considering the Kurzweil PCK36 because of its longstanding reputation
    for quality orchestral voices, but i'm hoping to determine whether it
    would afford the flexibility/adjustability to avoid the above described
    issues i've experienced with the Yamaha.
    any pertinent info. anyone could provide would be much appreciated!

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    Before giving up on the MX, you might want to visit the Motifator forums, where they even have a forum dedicated to the MX instruments here. I know that the MX is the entry level model in Yamaha's lineup, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't make the tweaks that you want.

    FYI, I haven't spent much time there, but I believe that you can get help from official Yamaha product people there, such as a guy with the moniker "Bad Mister."
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      John Melas' MX Tools and/or the Vycro MX Performance Editor may help you get what you want out of the MX. The PC3K6 is designed to be much more editable out of the box (as are the higher end Yamahas like MOXF and Motif XF).