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Noise on VK77 output.

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  • Noise on VK77 output.

    I've been running my keyboards straight into the PA recently and the output of the VK77 organ has a high level of background noise. I usually run the keyboard's own volume control at the 12 o'clock position. I also have a RD300GX piano that is very quiet when used in a similar manner. Is this normal or do I need to take it to a repair shop? I've been gigging this instrument for 15 years and never noticed it before. (Usually playing through an amp or Leslie.)

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    Is the signal hot on a Roland VK-77? I don't remember. It could be a bad jack also. How does it sound with the Leslie?
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      I always find some level of sound with the Leslie. Same when used with my old Hammond X5. (Which was noisier.) I am using the 1/4 inch phone jack out and not the XLR. Maybe I need to see if the balanced low impedance out is better. Will be using it Friday for the last rehearsal before my trip.