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is there a easy way to set up my AKAI MPK25? (please)

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  • is there a easy way to set up my AKAI MPK25? (please)

    hya, I joined yesterday..not sure of my way round yet,.but I bought a used mpk25 and in the box was only the usb lead..i went to the akai professional site but It bamboozled me as nothing corresponded when trying to follow instructions..i never use my pc in recording my music so all this is there a fairly simple way to get this thing going? if someone had the patience to talk me through it I would be really grateful..i am even wondering how I will transfer any music made on my mpk25 to my Tascam recorder? as I said, I work away from computers..any kind of help will be welllcome..I have been at it now since yesterday tried it through my Yamaha pss-780 but I never got far..

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    the MPK25 is just a controller. you will need some sort of DAW program -- and the ASIO driver -- it comes with Abbleton Live lite.

    down load the quick start guid.