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  • dammit! why do they have to keep coming out with new awesome stuff that i want to get.

    this new Pod X3 Live is EXACTLY what i've been looking for (i had the XT Live...but felt it wasn't quite this X3 Live has everything i've wanted).

    i don't know how the hell i'll get the wife to agree to this one, especially at $500.
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    Acoustics: Martin D16RGT, Taylor GA3, Martin OMCPA4
    Electrics: Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang
    Effects: Line 6 POD HD300
    Amplification: Marshall Class5, PreSonus TubePRE, Phonic Powerpod 410/S710


    • .....ummmmm, can i have yer old one? ....pleeeeaaaase?

      i play in churches on a reg basis every sunday and cant afford any of the good stuff till its twenty years old, ya know?
      Yea though i walk through the "Valley-Of-Shadows", i shall not fear. For i have 2 spare sets of "Ernie Balls" in my guitar case! Muahahahaha!


      • (About the RP-250) Bypass/Tuner operation – this is one of my biggest gripes with this unit. In order to either put the unit in bypass mode or into tuner mode, you need to step on the up/down pedals (both at the same time). While this might seem like an easy task, if you don’t hit them both exactly at the same time, you won’t get into the bypass/tuner mode. Instead, you’ll start scrolling madly through all the presets. This was a HUGE disappointment for me. I’d rather have to bend down and push the button on the front of the Line 6 Floor POD to tune than dealing with trying to get into DigiTech’s tuner mode.

        Yeah this is my big problem with this thing. For live use it's useless if you want to bypass it to your amp's natural tone, because as you say if you don't press the switches PERFECTLY together, you end up with some other patch, sometimes far away from the sound you want. For recording only it's probably fine, and the USB port is innovative. But if you plan to use it live, better hook up some kind of hard-wired bypass to go around it. I might check out the POD, but I did think that many of the more distorted amp samples Craig posted sounded harsh. I do think the RP-250 sounds very nice with a little tweaking.


        • Hi! Maybe stupid question, I know, but: How can I turn on the wah function on my floor pod. What does press toe for wah mean? when I press the "toe" of the pedal nothing happens, I just stay in the volume mode. I have to admit I dont have it for long, but this puzzles me a lot I have to admit. The rest of the settings is pretty intuitive in my eyes. Thanks a lot!
          greets Benny