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  • Have you tried sending the digital output from the VL2 to something else? Maybe you have a bad SPDIF cable. The SPDIF digital output is always available on the VL2, there are no settings.


    • Jon,

      I have one and it is truly amazing! I use it for Eminem style doubling and background vocal autotune. Also the auto-compression and EQ really bring out the vocals in the mix and keep them silky smooth. This unit is worth every penny.

      Great review - extremely thorough and accurate. I'm posting it on GrooveZoo's Facebook page today!


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      • A new software is in the works. This why I love the TC over the Digitech!!
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        • I owned a VL2 briefly. What annoyed me is in bypass my voice still sounded effected, with like a latency too. Hard to describe. No matter what I did I couldn't make it sound like a "Straight wire" microphone and then add FX like in a studio or on a regular board. And believe me the technicalities of these devices are NOT a problem for me! I took it back. If it didn't have that issue I would have kept it cause it does some really neat things.
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          • I had the same problem when I first got the VL2 and like you, am no stranger to audio devices. Updating to the latest firmware fixed it for me. To ensure I wasn't just hearing what I wanted to, I performed a blind test with my bandmates. VL 2 with no processing VS mic alone. There was no discernable difference to their ears either.


            • Here's a good example of hard tune live. Just a local small bar show. Recorded with a Presonus StudioLive. We have 3 songs that use hard tuning.


              • I just bought me recently a VoiceLive 2 Vocal/Effect processor, and I have been into different forums to try figuring things out....

                What I wanna do is, to do like Tom Lang at TC Electronic does in this video:


                This really amazes me, what this box really can do for me, as long as I can make it work....

                I really wanna do like Tom Lang does with this,he's using it as an insert processor....But here is where I am having some hard time.....

                This, I found on TC Electronic's homepage:


                Go down to Video number 7, and then see what it says there....

                This is for the Cubase version...

                But then I found this on a site:


                So, I am a little bit confused on what is going on, and how to make this work....

                Cuz, what happens is that, when I go ahead and create an external FX, all the Audio Device( AISO 4ALL) and Device Port ( VoiceLive2), turns to "NOT CONNECTED....So, I am not sure what is happening and what I have to do, in order to make this work....

                Another thing is that the TC-forums are saying that, "It would be solved if you get ext fx working and if you monitor through cubase, your live or playback could go to the VL2.

                What that usually requires for me is to find the actual physical input and output that my interface is using to connect to the device.

                Then delete any bus that's using those I/O in VSTconnections. Or you can leave the bus and just disconnect it from any source if you want to change it back later.

                Then when you make an External FX those ports will be available. For the VL2 my setup is S/Pdif in and S/Pdif out."...

                So, do you feel I am making the point for you? Does anything of the things here make any sense? Hope you'll give me an ok answer for this matter.


                • I am considering adding a vocal harmonizer to my gear and I've been looking at the Helicon Voice Live 2 for awhile.

                  I use open tuning with my guitar songs almost exclusively but with my music background I find 9ths, diminished chords, secondary dominants, or something suitable pretty readily. The tuning is only 2 different notes, many duplicates and octaves, on an acoustic 12 string. G and D.

                  I capo mightily.

                  I am thinking that perhaps the VL2 machine would not be able to find the note I want from the tuning I use what with not all chord notes always being present, OR, with the presence of extraneous notes such as 9ths, etc that occur as drones.

                  I know that the MIDI option should allow me to set specific harmony notes and I play keyboard so I can do that. (In reading over the past several years' entries I note that recording the lead vocal first, cleanly, with good note definition and THEN feeding this through VL2 to add MIDI harmonies has produced good results.) I want to have the freedom be able to program contrapuntal harmonies to the lead melody if that is what is called for.

                  I'll use the VL2 mostly for recording but would like to save "presets" of specific harmonies I compose in the machine in order to perform them if the opportunity arises.

                  (Or have some way of loading them back into the machine.)

                  I'd appreciate any advice as to whether or not I'm on the right track or not. Any other ideas would be appreciated. From what I can tell the VL2 is the only product that will/might allow this. Right?

                  TIA, Reify99

                  And yes, I want the correcting, doubling, humanizing, etc. functions, too.


                  • I just got a voicelive 2 extreme and I love it! Have waited a long time for something like this. I wasn't sold on the early harmonizers but this one is great. Only glitches were bad fingering technique on guitar. Forces you to play chords cleanly with the 3rd well presented. Have not tried the looper yet but will soon. I like the compressor. Smooths a lot but is not really noticeable.


                    • I didn't even realize this product had been released.

                      I'd be a Smiley Guy, too, if I were you.


                      • just thought i'd give a 2014 update...I bought my VL2 over a year ago. used a regular cardioid mic and it picked up my acoustic way too much. i replaced it with a DPA supercardioid and the difference is striking. this machine still has it over all other's that i've seen come out in the meantime. the Helicon forum has a person who programmed an editor for the box. it's very useful. if /when you get a chance, give a listen to some of Josie Charlwood's (from England) work. she's done some striking work with the VL2 and loopers. https://www.facebook.com/josiecharlwoodmusic. I love this machine - i record and play with a good friend of mine - we both have VL2's and each use them in different songs - we're working up to a point where we use them both in the same song. there's a lot of power to be had here. we found that using the external footpedal to turn harmony on/off is easier than trying to find the harmony button on the box when playing live.