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    Thank you so much for your amazing explaination about the CP 50. Believe me in Madrid we don´t have so many stores and there, they are not of great help as they keep refering to the official website...wich BTW is o bad...

    Your blog is much more useful than the instructions book.

    Sorry to bother with such a basic thing.. Now I know how to layer voices and choose different sounds but when it comes to store it, I just don´t know how to save it in my user´s sound files.... And how can you save a sound in a user list of sounds? believe me, it´s taking me so long...

    thanks again for everything..


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      Lo siento mucho, pero...

      I have already returned the CP50 to Yamaha and I don't remember the exact details of how to store edited sounds. Can someone else help?
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        These reviews, as always, have been extremely useful. When asked to select a new keyboard to use in my new position teaching music in a private elementary school, I finally chose the CP50 partly on the basis of your review. I've been using it for just over a month now and have discovered, as have others, that it does take a while to get comfortable with the CP50, but that it's worth the time, effort, and patience. I do like the feel and response - it is definitely a step up from the RD700. I would certainly consider buying one to replace my aging RD700 for gigs.

        I certainly did not find the controls intuitive at first, and I had to discover some not-so-obvious things by accident, but as time has passed, the flow has become natural. Yamaha certainly designed this as a stage piano, and definitely with performance in mind. Get past the learning curve and it's a great DP!


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          Doe anyone know how to set the foot controller (FC or FS) to control the on/off of the sequencer section when using the preset drum patterns in the CP50 as a backing track?



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            Hi Everybody,

            I'm new here and really appreciate what I've learned about my CP-50 so far. Can anyone tell me how to get the drum track going at the same time I play back a recorded bass track with my left hand on a split keyboard? I can either get the bass to play, or the drums to play, but I can't get them both at once. I love the sound of the CP-50, but for me, learning it's operations is like solving a riddle locked in a mystery (as someone else noted). Thanks for any help you have!



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              Hi Phil,

              Could you possibly explain how to get the Preset drum Phrases to play along with a recorded performance again-I have the USB stick in and did not hear the drums when I played back. All I want to do (I play jazz), is pre-record a bass track and drum track and then play live piano on top. Is that possible? How? Thanks so much


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                I have seen this post and it's very interesting, but, at the beginning, Phil has posted several audio files. How can I download them?

                Does the Yamaha CP50 has metronome? or just when you record? and talkng about recording...you can record an audio file to a USB or MIDI to a PC, but, can't you store first your song in a internal memory and export it to wav or midi?

                Thank you very much.