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  • I am having great difficulty using my new Casio XW-G1 as a General Midi (GM) sound source. If anyone can help me, I will be eternally grateful.

    I am using Cakewalk, and it recognises the Casio as its USB Midi input and output, so that is good. But when I change GM patches in Cakewalk, sometimes the Casio will respond by changing to a different Performance, or turn on the Arpeggio function, etc. After that happens, the Casio might not play GM sounds anymore on that channel. Is there some setting I am supposed to change to make the Casio strictly GM? I have already set "Local CTR" to [Off], but that does not seem to make any difference.

    Is there some better way to record midi tracks from the Casio, and play them back to the Casio? Please help, thank you!


    • I own a P1 and not a G1 but I have no problems with the XW-P1 in Cakwalk. However, I set the keyboard to Tone mode, not Performance mode. That may be your problem.

      P.S. Check if you have the latest firmware installed on your keyboard.


      • Quote Originally Posted by happyrat1
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        I own a P1 and not a G1 but I have no problems with the XW-p1 in Cakwalk. However, I set the keyboard to Tone mode, not Performance mode. That may be your problem.

        Thanks so much for the quick response. I also have the same problem in Tone mode. It will sometimes change the Tone to a different Casio preset, losing GM in the process. May I ask, are you able to use 16 channels of midi? I find that channels 8,9,10,11,12 are all drum channels, wheras I always thought only channel 10 was for drums.

        Are you using GM sounds, or is there some way to just use the Casio presets instead?

        PS. How do I check the firmware version?


        • Quote Originally Posted by bpstudios
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          PS. How do I check the firmware version?

          Press the [POWER] button to turn on the XW-P1, then press the "SETTING" button to display the setting screen.

          If you can not find "INFO" under "MIDI" in the list, the firmware version of the instrument is less than 1.10. You need to download this update software and install it.

          If you can find "INFO" and press [ENTER] to display the version confirmation screen, the firmware version of the instrument is the number which is displayed.

          You can get more info on updating here.
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          • Again there are some fundamental differences between the P1 and the G1. In the P1 Channel 1 is reserved for Synth and Drawbar Organ and Hex Modes.

            As far as accompaniment goes, I also have a Korg TR76 hooked up to my MIDI setup and generally use the drumkits in the Korg instead of the XW so I can't really say offhand whether or not channels 8 thru 12 are reserved for accompaniment or not, however, I had an old Radio Shack Concertmate years back and it also reserved channels 8 thru 14 for accompaniment so it's entirely possible those channels are indeed reserved. I'll run a few experiments this week and get back to you with what I find out about the XW-P1 as soon as I am able to.

            The Casio Firmware updates are available at this link


            Along with complete instructions on how to check and if necessary update your firmware.

            P.S. Craig: You gave him the link for the P1 firmware, not the G1!!! Bad Craiggy!!! No Soup for you!!!


            • Quote Originally Posted by bpstudios
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              Thanks so much for the quick response. I also have the same problem in Tone mode. It will sometimes change the Tone to a different Casio preset, losing GM in the process. May I ask, are you able to use 16 channels of midi? I find that channels 8,9,10,11,12 are all drum channels, wheras I always thought only channel 10 was for drums.

              Are you using GM sounds, or is there some way to just use the Casio presets instead?

              PS. How do I check the firmware version?

              I've been playing around with Cakewalk and trying to record the step sequencer accompaniment output into the cakewalk sequencer for the past two hours.

              I can't even get the output to record. I have a question fired off at Mike Martin over on http://casiomusicforums.com about this one but if anyone here can tell me how to do it I'd be forever in your debt as well.

              I've scoured the manuals on this and it turns out that indeed channels 8 thru 16 are relegated to the step sequencer when it's in use, and I think I have all the MIDI settings correctly set on the keyboard, and I have recording turned on in cakewalk for all of those channels, even with some default patches set just in case, and nada, nothing, bupkiss.

              As I recall on my old Concertmate there was an "Accompaniment Out" setting that you had to enable to get this stuff working. From what I've googled online about Casio products, their other keyboards also function the same way.

              However there is no such simple one touch solution for the XW-P1.

              Craig or Mike? If either of you is reading this, can you set me straight on what I'm missing here? The MIDI settings on the XW-P1 are pretty basic, but even so, multiple permutations of even a handful of parameters quickly mounts up to an awful lot of wrong possibilities in search of the right one.




              • Well, I updated my G1's firmware, and it still has the same problems. Just now I opened a GM song in Cakewalk, and the Casio got the patch wrong for every single track. I was able to force the Casio to the correct GM patches by manually re-selecting each patch in Cakewalk while the song was playing.

                During the short time that the Casio works properly, I can tell that Casio has chosen to give us drum kits on channels 8,9,10,11, and 12. I actually like that feature, because on my older GM gear there was only one channel for drums, so I was limited to picking the sounds from only one kit. With the Casio, you can use sounds from multiple kits, which is nice.

                So my only complaint now is that patch selection is so unstable. I'm not sure what causes this, but after awhile I can see the Casio presets changing on the front panel of the G1 as I choose different patches in Cakewalk. Sometimes the Arpeggio light comes on as a result of selecting a patch. It seems like the Casio can't decide whether my patch changes are meant to reflect GM changes, or some other type of Casio changes. If I could just use Casio's own presets instead of GM, that would be fine too, but right now it seems to be in "limbo" between the two.

                PS: By the way, I am not trying to record from the step sequencer to Cakewalk, I am just playing the Casio keyboard with my hands, and recording it to Cakewalk as a midi track.


                • Right now one of my Cakewalk tracks is stuck on Casio presets instead of GM. Here is a list of the Casio presets I am getting as I go down the list of GM presets:

                  000 Acoustic Grand Piano --> P011 XW LeadSyn 1

                  001 Bright Acoustic Piano --> P290 VA Synth 6

                  002 Electric Grand Piano --> P003 XW SolosSyn 3

                  003 Honky-tonk Piano --> P004 Raw Lead

                  004 Rhodes Piano --> P050 XW SynthBass

                  005 Chorused Piano --> P006 XW SoloSyn 5

                  etc, etc, etc

                  Maybe some detective will see a pattern there, and figure out what is happening. I suppose I could print a cross reference like this, and use it to play Casio presets within my midi compositions. It would be better if there was a more "proper" way to do all of this.


                  • The thing is, there exists a Cakewalk INS file for the XW-P1. There's none for the G1. I'd have to say take a look at your cakewalk MIDI and Instrument options under the tools menu and check to see if everything looks kosher or not.

                    Without a proper INS file your patch selections in Cakewalk are going to be hit and miss for any synth you try.

                    If you want to take a stab at creating your own INS file for the G1 here's some links to work with.

                    XW-P1 INS file : http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...7&d=1341648791

                    XW-G1 Documentation : http://support.casio.com/manualfile....&cid=008013003

                    Cakewalk INS File Documentation and HowTos. :





                    With that information and using the P1 file as a template it should be relatively easy to modify the file for the G1.

                    Mike Martin created the original XW-P1 file but only because I nagged the poor guy half to death about it If you Google around you might alsio find someone else has already created the proper INS file for the G1.

                    BTW, once again, HUUUUGE thanks to Mike and Craig for their efforts in the creation of the original INS file.


                    • Thank you for the links, happyrat1. I could create an INS file for my own XW-G1, but the order of the patch names would have to match the order I hear them, which is P011, P290, P003, etc. That would not necessarily help anyone else whose XW-G1 has the patches in a more logical order such as P001, P002, P003. However, if everyone has the same order that I have, that would be good to know.

                      If you are using an INS file for the XW-P1, then I assume you are able to make multitrack midi files out of an assortment of Casio XW-G1 presets, rather than just the GM presets? If that is so, then could you please explain to me how you "instruct" the XW-P1 that you want non-GM Casio presets instead of the GM ones? All I have ever worked with in Cakewalk are GM sounds, and that is why I was rather confused as to why some Casio non-GM sounds were coming up mixed in with the GM ones. If I could instruct the XW-G1 to use only one set or the other, it might help me figure out what is going wrong.

                      Thanks again for all the help so far.


                      • OK, in a nutshell, a Cakewalk INS file is a text file that describes all of the patches and controllers of a particular synthesizer. The order doesn't come into it. It's a complete listing of all patches, drumkits and controllers for that particular make and model of machine and the corresponding MIDI MSB and LSB commands required to invoke them in the sequencer.

                        So if you had a complete INS file for the XW-G1, you'd be able to summon any and every patch available on your synth from within the sequencer window and select them for each and any track.

                        How they are laid out in any particular MIDI file is totally arbitrary. If you're still not clear on the concept, explain what's eluding you.

                        PS. BTW, the MIDI standard for drumkits is indeed channel 10, but a lot of synths these days allow you to place drums on any channel you want. There are a few peculiarities with the XW-P1 however. Solo Synth/Drawbar Organs/Hex Modes MUST be addressed from Channel 1. Duuno why the engineers designed that limitation but it's a fact of life with the P1. I dunno how this limitation translates with the G1. I'd imagine there's something funky going on with the sampler channel on that one.

                        Bear in Mind that if you are sequencing a standard MID file, the channel 10 percussion rule DOES apply. If you are working within cakewalk to create an MP3 or a WRK file, then it is a little more loosey goosey and the channels 8 thru 16 are usable but not required for accompaniment. Also note that standard MID files are limited to GM voices and keyboard specific sysex commands. If you want to save your output along with all the unique patches of your particular synth, you have to save in cakewalk in WRK format or record the audio out as an MP3.

                        Mike mentioned over at http://casiomusicforums.com today that with the P1 if you wish to record accompaniment out to a MIDI file you MUST record from performance mode and not tone mode and you have to set the output channels of the step sequencer instruments thru the MIDI Mixer function of the XW-P1 in performance mode and save it as a user performance.

                        I'm still in the process of experimenting with this and will post again as soon as I have a better understanding of the process.


                        PPS. As far as creating your own INS file for the G1 is concerned, the voices and all the commands are laid out in the XW-G1 Appendix File PDF I linked with the casio documentation. Adapting the P1 INS file would consist of deleting the HEX MODE/DRAWBAR ORGANS/SOLO SYNTHS from that file and pasting in any added voices on the G1 from that PDF file.

                        Once such a file is created, it could be uploaded here, and to a few other choice Casio and Cakewalk sites around the web so everyone could benefit from the work.


                        • Thanks Gary, (happyrat1), I think you might have solved the problem. In my latest tests, I purposefully avoid having any tracks on channel 1, (assuming CH1 is reserved), and so far everything hs been working Wonderfully! Oh, by the way, the sounds on the XW are freaking amazing!


                          • Glad to hear it's working for ya. If ya ever do create an INS file for it though, be sure to upload it here as I think so far no one else has created one.


                            • Now I'm playing around with the XW's on-board Step Sequencer...

                              I've watched all the Casio tutorial videos, and I've even taken it a step further and learned to connect my patterns together using the CHAIN feature. Does anyone know of a way to record a part over a whole chain of patterns? It seems to me that I can only record a part over one pattern at a time. Thanks in advance!


                              • I think you can use phrase sequencer. You can chain few patterns into a simple loop, but maybe you should consider to use some DAW instead. That is what I was told :-)