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Anyone built or used one of these diy pedal kits?

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  • Anyone built or used one of these diy pedal kits?

    The pedalShield looks pretty interesting and I'm thinking I might buy the kit and give it a go but wondering if anyone else has tried either of these (or any other similar microprocessor based diy pedals)

    stompShield http://www.openmusiclabs.com/projects/stomp-shield/

    pedalShield http://www.electrosmash.com/pedalshield
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    I haven't gotten into programmable effects like that myself. I have friends who own amps like Line 6 which let you download patches, but I' old school on tweaking stuff. I don't even like using old school patches and prefer knobs to make my tweaks.

    Given the looks of the circuit it doesn't seem to have any memory so downloading would consist of one single patch at a time. That can be fine if its what you're looking for and the build looks simple enough. I didn't see any prices so I'm not sure if its a good deal or not.


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      Of the two the pedalShield looks to be the better unit as it uses the new Arduino Due which runs at 84 Mhz vs the regular Arduino that runs at 16Mhz so the sampling rate and number of instructions you can execute between samples is that much more. The kit is around $65 US and an Arduino Due is around $50.
      As far as different effects are concerned, while most of the existing code is one effect per program, there's nothing to stop you combining multiple effects into one program, the Due has loads of flash storage so there's plenty of room for code and since I do that sort of thing for a living, programming is not a problem (but finding time is!) and I think it would be easy to add a couple of switches to do selections as the Due has plenty of I/O pins.
      The further away I am, the better I sound....


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        I've ordered the pedalshield and an Arduinoe Due. Looks like the Arduino will be here next week but the pedalshield kit is coming from Europe so couple of weeks at least before it arrives. Once I get it put together I'll try to do a review and maybe even some videos.
        The further away I am, the better I sound....