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best way to trim pots in a theremin


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  • best way to trim pots in a theremin

    so i walked into my den and the cat had the theremin apart and adjusted the trim pots without noting original locations... yeah, the cat did it... any ideas? for the theremin, i mean... the cats ok as it is...
    my p0asting days are numb bird...

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    Contact the manufacturer and see if they have an adjustment procedure. I would guess the pots are adjusted to set up the oscillators like you would RF coils in a radio except they'd be set so they are on the verge of feedback. Your body completes the pats that makes the oscillators feed back. There's no way you can just guess and get it right.

    You may be able to inspect the pots really careful and see if there's a shiny spot on the edge where the pot was originally set. It all depends on the type of trim pots, how old it was, and how much dirt/oxidation collected. You can do this sometimes with the plastic ones but it all depends on how sensitive those adjustments were. You may need a procedure otherwise.

    Maybe you can dig up a calibration procedure that will work on one of these build it yourself sites. http://www.thereminworld.com/schematics


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      thank you!!!
      my p0asting days are numb bird...