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Thanks for your patience as we work towards the best experience we can provide to our community.

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Intellectual Property & Terms of Use

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This is a sticky topic.
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  • Intellectual Property & Terms of Use

    The H-C rules that we all have to agree to follow to join are listed at:


    If you haven't read them recently it might be a good time to look back over the list.

    In particular, considering that this is a D-I-Y forum, we will be protective of the rights of patent and copyright holders, and any infringing material will have to be deleted immediately according to Rule 5 of the Terms of Use which say:

    Content that violates this agreement or is offensive, illegal, obscene, threatening, or infringes on the rights of others, including the posting of material copyrighted by someone other than the person posting the material, can be removed at HC's sole discretion and the membership of those posting said content may be terminated, again at HC's sole discretion.

    There are lots of free projects for all of us to build and enjoy without getting into questionable territory.

    Best regards, Jack
    AMZ Free Effects Projects
    Guitar Effects Blog

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    Glad that was up front and stickied.

    For those of you who don't know, Jack has written a great article called Is It Okay to Clone?

    It walks you through the basics of cloning, copyrights, ethics and what you can and can't do and still keep your karma in balance.

    Pretty much the first thing you should read as an introduction to the whole IP topic.
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