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    Please recommend a guitar building kit for a Stratocaster and a Martin acoustic. The deeper the better, but with a lot of hand-holding.

    I want to eventually design and build my own guitars.

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    Carvin makes a very nice strat kit
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      Sweet. Thank you very much. They seem very reasonably priced for the education. I can't wait.


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        Can anyone comment on the quality of these kits? Specifically, I might be interested in one of the Tele's.
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          I can comment on the Carvin. Its worth every penny. You can get options not listed on the website as well. If you go this route make sure you call them to place the order. The sales guys on the phone are very helpful and will make suggestions if you tell them what kind of sound you are looking for. Also with the Carvin you get the Carvin neck which in my humble opinion makes the whole guitar. They are smooth as silk and I've yet to find a guitar with comparable action. I don't know what they use to machine these but they have the magic formula.


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            Grizzly tools has them, they are decent price. Their acoustic is made from bass wood and is already mostly built, not good to learn on. But they sell wood, hardware, and lots of other guitar stuff. The reason a to place that sells tools sells these is that their president is a wood worker and a guitar builder. He is heavily into inlay work too, so his guitars have a lot of that stuff. He also has lots of inlay supplies. All their stuff is online, but they have a catalog to order. Just search for guitar on their site, if that doesn't work then check out the clickable scanned version, it may be easy to find stuff in the Index of it.
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              Another strat kit resource

              Good deals with - rocket34bg, theweight

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