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The best motherboard for audio recording


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  • The best motherboard for audio recording

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of picking out the items I will need for building a pc dedicated to audio recording. I'm certainly not rich but I'm looking for pro results!! My first question would be: what motherboard/processor would be best suited? I've been looking and it seems that a lot of what is available inlude integraded audio or video. I feel like this is something I would regret, given all of the things that could happen. Any one have any ideas?Plenty of speed and mucho PCI slots would be great too.

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    personally ive always used AMD's myself and found great performence.

    as for MB's your BEST bet is to go to AMD.com and look at their recommended mb list, personally i always get the BEST #'s out of ASUS
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      You can still add a "proper" sound card to a motherboard with integrated audio/video so don't worry about that regard. In 99% this will disable the integrated audio, but that's no great loss.

      No motherboard will be pro-quality audio, you'll need to add an external unit


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        You can check this forum out also ( www.bigbluelounge.com ). There's some good info over there about external audio solutions. I would agree with el tonto, that no motherboard will have pro-quality audio. Granted that things always improve and you could still use integrated audio in a pinch. The main reason for getting an external is for ( improved signal quality, flatter frequency response, higher quality internal pre-amps, low latancy ) + all the other bells and whistles. If you really need to go budget you risk loosing "true fidelity". But I've recorded venues with nothing more than a Griffen iMic, Art phantom pre-amp, and a Rode NT2/Rode NT3. The results were actually pretty good.
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          Yes it's real.


          I don't think they make it anymore tho.
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