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  • Headless bass neck replacement

    Have an old Cort headless bass (Steinberger tuning system). The neck was cracked years ago in a rage of alcohol and testosterone (not by me), I drug it out of the closet a while back and was looking to put it back together to use as a back up and for my kids. I have had no luck finding a replacement neck for it.

    I've been told that I could use a Fender Style neck (4 bolt) as a replacement but would prefer the headless.

    Its not worth much and as it wasn't mine, I have no sentimental attachment to it, meaning I don't intend to spend much on it.

    Anyone have any ideas where to look for a new neck, or failing that what kind of art work it could be turned into?
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    I woudl suggest making sure the scale length is the same before replacing it, otherwise you'll never get the intonation right. Also make sure the neck pocket will fit the replacement neck good. I'd look on www.stew-mac.com or www.warmoth.com
    One other question.. ever thought of repairing the old neck?


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      Thanks, IMO the neck is bordering on unrepairable, but any suggestions would be appreciated

      The 11th fretwire is gone and there are cracks running forward to the 7th fret, one on the top and one on the bottom of the neck, and the fret board is separated from the neck at that point also.

      Any suggestions on how that could be repaired? What kind of glue, how to clamp etc. Also is it possible to replace a single fretwire? How? where do you get material from?

      Its kind of a cool little instrument, but I don't want to spend much on it.


      Wont be givin' up my day job this week


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        what you're looking for is called hide glue. luthiers use it for lots of repairs.
        you'd want some cowls and clamps to put the neck into to hold it in the right shape as your glue it and the fretboard back together.

        after that, it would be relatively easy for a tech to replace the fret and level it to the others.
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