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DIY Line Array PA Speakers -Ideas-


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  • DIY Line Array PA Speakers -Ideas-

    Ok I really like the idea of line array PA main speakers. The fact they are modular, dont spew sound everywhere, and are pretty portable, makes them a perfect solution to what I need. Problem is that they are way too $$$. So I am looking at building some myself.
    The system needs to be of moderate to moderate high powered. looking around the 600 watts-1000 watts a unit. Wide width but low height patterns are what I am thinking. looking at maybe running 100-200 watts hf and 400-800 mf. Lf will be done through a sub. Any ideas or aware of any premade plans (did a few searches and could only find regular PA speakers)?

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    from Apexjr.com ^

    At Apexjr.com they have cheep Vifa 4" coax:

    for $350 for 28...a 2x14 array would handle 700w per side, stand ~5ft and give 98.6 db/watt, a ported 5x5x10 box behind each driver would make it linear to ~100Hz, add a sub to taste