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LINE 6 MM4/DL4 Volume Fix (without using SMT resistors)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimosity
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    R30 is 2k

    R31 is 4.02k


    Also I'm an idiot-- I didn't see this was asked and answered on the first page!
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      I know this thread hasn't been active however any help would be greatly appreciated. I replaced my stock switches for momentary switches wired directly to the board. However, I knocked off the R32 resistor on switch four. Can someone tell me what value resistor I need to replace it with. Thanks for your time. -Jeff

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          I know I am necroing a zombie thread, but I just wanted to say, "thanks so much" to the people involved. It was a big help. I HAD to have this mod to make my MM4 boardworthy, and I did NOT need to pay Keeley $119. I had some real boo-boos, but pulled through. Taking the resistors off for the volume mod, I pulled 3 of the 4 pads off. It was my first time, and I did not know what I was doing. Had to find the trace wire, and solder a resistor to tendril thin pin of a micro IC. I really thought I had ruined it, but my natural tenacity brought me back around. Thanks again to those involved. I think it saved my pedal.


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            Are these the components I need to remove to complete step 2?

            Thank you
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              Such a great thread, I have a very simple question, what would be considered high quality input/output buffer components, could anyone give an example?

              Thanks in advance I look forward to taking on this peoject!