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rewiring old mics for XLR connectors; advice needed


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  • rewiring old mics for XLR connectors; advice needed

    I have some old mics that have non-standard connectors (i.e., not XLR or 1/4"), and I'd like to re-wire all of 'em with XLR connectors. Four of them (Telefunken, VEB FunkWerk, Grundig, RFT Ger

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    I did some searching around and came up with this. If you look at the numbered lugs this is how the wiring should line up.

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      I have no knowledge of these. But I don't think you can find anything you can plug these mics into. I say why not make them usable. The purists can all be damned. And as you mentioned you're not doing anything that can't be put back to original. Go for it!


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        Won't there be impedance issues? I know for sure crystal mics are high impedance, and ribbon mics are very low impedance but have a matching transformer within the mic.

        They had a neat article in Electronic Musician magazine about using "weird" mics to generate unique sounds for recording. BTW, I have found EM's website to be chock-full of informative, interesting articles on recording and gear, and NO, in spite of the name it is not all about synthesizers and electronic music.

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          There's a guy who makes cables and XLR connectors for those old mics, but they're NOT cheap. I need to get a Cable for my own Shure 51 and I think the cable is $40 bucks or so. Still, there doesn't seem to be anyone else who does that kind of stuff.

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            The crystal mic is already high impediance so unless you use a transformer to make it low z then its going to stay two wire. They pretty much suck anyway for any serious use but you may want to use it for a CB radio type low fi voice effect.

            The ribbon I would look up for details, Its going to require a special phantom power voltage that may be unique to the mic and wont do anything without it. (It may not be the standars 48V so dont just hook it up to a standard phantom power. It can blow the mic or the power supply or both.

            The other low Z dynamics should be fine to wire up to a standard XLR jack.

            They do make some older jacks too so you can just wire them into a standard mic cable and not have to modify the mics.