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allen organ co. t20 and t50 schematic


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  • allen organ co. t20 and t50 schematic

    i was wondering if anyone has the schematics for an allen organ t20(20 watt) and a t50(50 watt) amp.

    i have a gyrophonic projector speaker with a t20 and t50 amp inside 2 8 inchers, 2 tweets and 2 jensen horns

    i also have a piece that contains a single t20 amp but has 8 speakers and a tweeter that makes me think of one of those stackable amps you see at a rock concert. it contains a traps generator type 2.

    i also need the how to as to which wires on the cable go where as the previous owner stated that the friend he obtained it from his gf got mad and cut the connector off. i do however know the amp works when i hook an ipod directly into the input and it sounds awesome. id assume sustain would be volume pedal?

    btw the cabinet(gyrator) is a model 325f serial number A6724502

    the traps generator box has no plate

    also if someone knows how to decypher the date and year of manufacture it would be awesome.
    allen gave me something to try to get the lower boxes amps to operate but its very vague i want to use the boxes as a guitar amp(s) or for other instruments.

    thanks in advance