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  • pick up suggestions for new project

    Hi folks
    ive just got my lad another cheap LP Columbus ,this is now no 3 in his other two LP,C i have fitted 1 with sey& dunc alinco 2,s and the other guitar with gibson burstbuckers ,i just thought i would ask the panel if you folks had any other suggestions ? to give us a bit more tone variation ,he plays blues & rock through marshall valve & fender valve amps.

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    I love the sound of mini humbuckers myself.
    If its routed for full sized HB's you can get adaptor rings and fit minis in a full sized route.
    You'd be surprised how many tonal options it allows.
    Gibson minis are one of the best. Seymour makes them too.

    I found the Artec on EBay arent bad at all. You need to find the ones that arent hot wound.
    I have three sets of them that are wound between 6~8K and they sound really good.
    I have them in my epiphone dot and two tele builds. Made all the difference in the world for tone.
    Stay away from the hot wound above 9K. They sound awful.


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      Stay away from the hot wound above 9K. They sound awful.

      Personally, I'd have to agree on this. But it's a matter of taste. I bought a set of Gibson 496R and 500T ceramic magnet pickups out of a faded V for $50 from a buddy and stuffed 'em in my no-name les paul copy and I got to say I prefer the crappy chinese P90s that came with it better. Hot wounds are great if you're 17 and full of crunchy-metalhead-testosterone but aren't for grownups. But again, it's a matter of taste and what kind of tone you're lookin for.


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        Thanks for the advice foks,he is 17 but plays the blues & classic rock ,but deffinetly non of that head shreding stuff ,me and mar wouldent be able to cope with that for 3 hours a day

        also ive just bought a cheap Kay effects LP guitar to tinker with,does anybody on the diy panel have one ?




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          Minis nail the Almond Brothers/Johnny Winter tone and are great for the type of music he's playing.
          Kay guitars were made by Teisco. I have a strat Teisco a friend of mine gave me hanging on the wall.
          Its a pretty cheezy build. I may mod it one of these days but theres not a whole lot to work with there.
          I may have played the LP version at one time many years ago when I did repairs.


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            There's always the P-90 Rails.
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              Well folks,ive sat my lad down with the audio samples plus the suggestions and he whants me to fit a p90 fat cat in the neck,and a burstbucker3 in the bridge ,however i like the mini humbuckers and i have another project on the bench so i might fit the mini hums to the project ,i will do a vid and post it once i get the guitar done,thanks Steve