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Gotoh Humbucker bridge question

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  • Gotoh Humbucker bridge question

    Hey I've had my tele for a bit now and the action is a bit too high for my liking.. Only problem is I can't figure out how to lower the action on it. Any tutorials/youtube videos would be awesome! I've look at the fender website and it doesn't mention action, or at least I didn't see any.

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    You didnt look hard enough to find the right site.


    Do the adjustments with the proper measurement tools.

    Worst thing you can do is guess or do them by feel.

    You can easily make a guitar unplayable or untunable.

    I suggest you get the minimal tools before beginning.

    A ruler that measures down to 1/64ths, radius gauges, and a straight edge.

    A set of hex wrenches, a feeler gauges are also wise to have.

    All guitarists must learn to set up an electric properly.

    Otherwise have a pro do it. Beware not everyone who works in a guitar shop

    knows how to set a guitar up well. Seek out a pro luthier.


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      Danng I did see that link, just was hoping there was a more "turn this screw here" and be done with it approach. Guess its time to finally bite the bullet and learn to do a proper set up


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        Go to Ron Kirn's website. He builds some beautiful inistruments, has a reputation for set-ups that play like butter and his tutorial on building a Strat-style guitar has some good, common sense ways of setting up an instrument. It's Ron Kirn Signature Guitars. It will add to whatever knowledge you get anywhere else.
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          Quote Originally Posted by Zephyrside
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          Danng I did see that link, just was hoping there was a more "turn this screw here" and be done with it approach. Guess its time to finally bite the bullet and learn to do a proper set up

          It may very well be as simple as turning a single screw or it may involve recalibrating all the adjustments.

          Two items I suggest checking first are, make sure the neck bolts are tight. (and the neck is straight with the strings)

          If the neck screws loosen the string height rises. Tighten them down firmly.

          Second, if you are using heavier strings than the guitar was set up with,

          the relief increases making the strings higher.

          Hold the first and last fret down or your high E string.

          Pluck the string around the 5th fret. The string should just clear

          all the other frets. If there