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Need help putting together a 360 degree swivel on the end of a mic stand


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  • Need help putting together a 360 degree swivel on the end of a mic stand

    Hey guys Im using a tablet for chords and lyrics at my gigs now

    but I dont want to clip it onto my mic stand. I dont use it that often, I dont want people to see it too much and I dont want it to get stolen or knocked off.

    I play guitar and im usually on the side at my gigs. We have our own lights and the side stands are right by me.

    So my idea was to take the end off an old boom mic stand and attach it to a global truss clamp jr that attached it to the light stand. So far so good, Ive got this working.

    so what I need now is to find a way to attach something to the end of the mic stand (the clip is off) that will allow me to swivel the tablet around. Any ideas?

    Id rather not use a gooseneck but im not 100% against it.

    Im planning on doing something like this to attach the tablet to whatever piece I use as the hub


    except its not going to be connected to the device, im going to connect it to an otterbox case I bought.

    here is what I have so far


    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    I'd just get a tablet stand. They're only $19.



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      Thats just for the stand the clip part is extra

      also I dont want an entire stand just sitting up front. I know it doesnt make a lot of sense unless you have seen our set up but the speaker stack is directly to my side (like a foot or three) and the light stands are right behind that so the boom mic stand would be perfect. I just need something to attach to it http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-MUS-TCM9150-LIST

      but its $40 so if I went with the stand $20 and that it would be $60 and I bet it all wont work with my case

      really all I need is that swivel part from the clip
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        Not sure of your other mating hardware, but you may be able to rig somthing up with one of these. Click through some of the options on the right and look for the inline ball joint linkages.



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          ill take a look into it, thanks!

          so far im considering this too


          connected to this


          which would be drilled into the case
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            so here is what I came up with if anyone cares ...



            Naked is just a "True bypass" for clothes...


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              Awesome job. I did something similar a while back to enable me to mount a 19" monitor to a mic stand. I ended up finding a music stand designed to be attached to a mic boom arm, then cut away the stand with a dremel and drilled mounting holes to turn it into a mic boom VESA mount. It worked but for weight reasons, only with heavy duty studio mic stands.

              I believe it was this stand: http://www.amazon.com/Stagg-MUS-ARM-...ref=pd_cp_MI_1
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