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Modding a mic with IEM


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  • Modding a mic with IEM

    HI, guys I have Shure 530 In ear monitors and the pair I have have this microphone thing thats part of it so you can hear stage volume etc.

    It has a tiny mic and a little battery pack with an on and off switch.

    The only problem is that when you turn it on it cuts the signal off completely and uses just the ambiant mic.

    Im wondering how hard it would be to go into it and mod it to where when switched on it played both audio from your monitor mix and the ambiant mic?
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    Is this a wireles mic earphone combination?

    The Shure SE530 isolation earphones dont have a mic built in

    nor do they require a battery pack to operate so I'm not sure about your post.

    Since you are using isolation earphones, any sound that isnt going through

    a mic to the board wont be heard well. My best advice is only use one earplug

    so you can hear whats going on stage with the other ear.

    I'm guessing the battery pack as you call it is a wireless receiver or possibly a

    transmitter/reciever combo. If its a two way system the the 530's probibly work

    as monitors but they dont have a built in mic so they cant function as a two way system.

    You need the right mic earphone combo for that.

    In a two way system, Receivers are used to power earphones as monitors,

    transmitters are used to send the mic signal to the PA mixer for amplification.

    A two way transmitter/receiver combinations provides both mic and monitors.

    You need another master transmitter/reciever at the PA mixer to do this.

    The loop back from a mic to the monitor earphones occurs at the board,

    just like you would any other on stage mic floor monitor system.

    One thing for certain, you arent going to find a schematic to mod unit and

    the components probibly need a microscope to solder.

    Shure has done what everyone else has and protects their circuit diagrams from

    released to the public to prevent pirates from counterfitting and hacking their designs like

    you want to do.

    Small devices like this are usually a single chip probibly cant be hacked in any case.

    A really experienced tech might be able to add a micro mixer into the same box but

    its doubtful theres enough space inside.

    Looping a mic directly to the earphone is a bad idea in any case. It would require

    a mixer circuit. Even then, if the straight mic loop its set too loud you will wind up singing too

    soft into the mic. Set too soft you overpower the mic to compensate for what you dont hear.

    Mixing is best done at the board, not on the device itself. If the problem is you cant hear

    yourself sing, do what others do and use a single earphone instead of dual isolation earphones.

    If you cant hear the other instruments because thay arent miced, then a earphone monitoring system for

    vocals only is a bad idea. Use floor monitors.

    Best thing you can do, is if you want a two way system, Buy a two way system.


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      The mic was an alternate version and a couple dollars more

      Here is a pic from google of what the pack part looks like


      So went like this signal path

      Ear buds shirt line > mic part > pack (or to tge longer extention line then into your pack)
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        Ok so that feature is called "push to hear"

        But it's a simple on off switch

        I wonder if I can make it blend

        In the push to hear controller it had its own volume wheel so in theory I could still use that to adjust the ambient volume
        Naked is just a "True bypass" for clothes...