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building two dual 18" subs


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  • building two dual 18" subs

    hay everyone i want to build speaker boxes for some 18" subs that I got from a friend, but i never built any before so i need some help. i have four of them i think two are eminence and two are sound barrier 800 watts each unfortunately thats all i know right now.can u please help me make these subs

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    What will you be driving them with?

    Are they foam surround or paper surround?

    Do you have the hand tools, drill, Skillsaw, Jigsaw?

    Also whats your budget. 18's take allot of plywood.

    They need a large air cavity to produce lows.

    You can save on size by building folded cabs but they are

    still going to be big.Without the proper air cavity 18's are very

    anemic in producing bass. Its the cab thats the key and the cab needs

    to be tuned to the speakers.

    You can save money and effort just buying some cabs for them prebuilt like these.


    Building your own will cost just as much or a whole lot more when you add in your labor.

    If you do want to build your own the simplest design might be like this.

    You can google up others with more advanced designs and actually tune the cab port for maximum efficiancy.


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      each sub is 800 watts i was looking in on geting some crown amps. they are paper surround, and yes i have the tools.i know it isnt cheap but i have always wanted to make my own subs. i also want to make top cabs i have two horns two 15''s and two 18''s i was going to use to make two top cabs


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        the drivers are in pretty good shape i am going to test them and do some research to night. they are paper surrounds 800 watts rms each 8 ohms 33hz fs 3 1/2-4'' voice coil. two in one box should make it 4 ohms 1600 watts rms.


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          Weird. My contributions to this thread seem to have disappeared.

          Anyway, Eminence sent me the specs for the JAY7011. It will work fairly well in a sealed cabinet, but will need some EQ to be at its best. Flattest response will be in a cabinet of about 5 ft^3. A smaller cabinet will have a bit of a hump in the response, but that's not necessarily a bad thing in a sub, especially if it's to be EQed. If space isn't an issue, optimum transient response is obtained in a 13ft^3 box.