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Do Gibson Speed knobs fit CTS Pot Shafts?

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  • Do Gibson Speed knobs fit CTS Pot Shafts?

    Does anyone know if Gibson Speed knobs fit CTS potentiometer shafts?

    Thanks in advance


    Yeah, I got some gear too.

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    There are two kinds of speed knobs. Coarse and not so course. You have to know which pot shafts you have,  The wrong knobs will split open trying to press them on the wrong shaft.


    I believe you need the course knobs but you should doubble check to be sure.

    I know the course wont fit on metric pots like the ones that come with Epiphones, but thay do fit on my Gibson that has CTS pots. You have to check and see if the CTS pots are inch or metric, smooth or course. CTS used to make only the course/inch but I believe they make both now.