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  • Behringer VAMP 2 Repair Help


    To any electronic whiz kids here. I took out my behringer vamp2 yesterday and after years of not playing. Some of the buttons of Vamp2 have stopped responding. More specifically, tuner button, the two arrow buttons and A,B,C,D buttons. Its not that they do not work completely, they can work if I exhibit a insane amount of force and that too if i try say 20 times, it may work once. 

    In my genius attempt, i have actually broken one of the buttons, as i thought the problem was physical i.e. the button was not making a physical contact with the relevant area which triggers its function. So i thought maybe if i just break the button and use like a pen or something to physically trigger that area myself, i may be able to make it work. But even if i directly press that point with a pen (as i have broken the button) i get no reposnse. No matter how much i try.

    Any sugeestions how can i get these buttons to repond properly. I am open to experimenting!