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    Hello All,

        I am currently building a foot switch for my friends amp (cube 40xl) and I only have normally open switches. It requires a normally closed for the "tap/looper" function. Is there any way of reversing the "polarity" of the switch and if so can someone please help with a diagram? I have a spare toggle switch laying around. The Switch for the tap is an SPST and is only 2 pole. Please help..Thanks!


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    You can't change a normally open switch to a normally closed without something complicated like a relay. And that would need a power source to work the relay coil. Forget about this and just order the correct switch. 


    The Switch for the tap is an SPST and is only 2 pole. 

    This statement is contradictory. SPST stands for Single Pole, Single Throw. It is by definition a single pole switch. Switch specs will also state if a switch is "latching" or "momentary", and single-throw switches will also be either "normally open" (NO), or "normally closed" (NC). You need a momentary, normally closed SPST footswitch. 

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      Ok i wasn't sure if it was possible. I've seen a bunch of tap tempos with a polarity switch and thought that might be what it is for.