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Mesa Mav 2/12 mod needed


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  • Mesa Mav 2/12 mod needed

    Wondering if anyone out there has gotten more clean headroom by changing speakers (it has 2-30watt celestians stock)


    Or if there is any simple mod internally that would increase the clean tone. It just dirties up too fast and for dirty blues that's fine. But I do a lot of genres. I love the Mark iii'S IN STOCK CONFIG (70w WITH 200W SPEAKER.


    ...hate that caps key to pieces!...


    The larger wattage seems to be the only way ive found so far to get more clean headroom. But I cant afford another amp for quite a while.

    Yea though i walk through the "Valley-Of-Shadows", i shall not fear. For i have 2 spare sets of "Ernie Balls" in my guitar case! Muahahahaha!

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    This is really a question for the amp forum, or would have been, back in the day. 

    I think you can put a lower-gain preamp tube in the first (V1) socket. It is almost certainly a 12AX7 tube, and you can substitute a lower-gain tube like a 12 AT7 and that will give more clean headroom on the preamp side. You do NOT have to adjust bias for preamp tubes, it's a plug-and-play operation.

    I would reach out to Mesa or to one of the well-known tube vendors that specialize in guitar amp tubes, they'll know more and be able to make a good recommendation for you. 

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