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Acoustic guitar bridge pickup repair HELP!!!

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  • Acoustic guitar bridge pickup repair HELP!!!

    Hey guys, I have an acoustic electric with an "under saddle" pickup system. I was changing out the bridge and accidentally scraped off some of the "coating" it had on the metal strip or pickup. It now sounds very thin and brittle when plugged in. Is there anything I can do or put on it to fix it?? Does anyone know what the "coating" actually is? Please help as this is a pretty nice guitar, thanks in advance........

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    I believe its a combination of waferd crystic and metal compound of some sort. You may want to place a strip of tin foil on there and put the bridge over it without any glue or anything to see if the sound improves. Otherwise buy a new element. I've seen the elements on occasion real cheap under $5without the preamps and all but you'll have to dig around to find them.


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      It seems like the saddle is not compressing evenly and completely onto the piezo element strip. Make sure that's in good shape.
      You might also, while you're doing this now anyway, do a Mexican Clay Trick on the guitar.
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        What is a mexican clay trick is it something makeshift to improve the sound? Please explain, me no understand.