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Router jig for making radius sanding blocks


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    I could use about 8" with a 12" radius if u r takin orders


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      As a suggestion, make some with hard wood. Something like a 2x4 is pretty soft and can wear or warp easily. I have wood ones around that have gotten dented over the years and dont do as good of job. I do plan on getting some alluminum ones one of these days.


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        8/4 maple would be a good choice. Rip it to 3.5" & route away.
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          Sorry guys I
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            Wow, props to you on making your own jig! That's right, I said jig. **************** the PC **************** and learn to use Google to find definitions. Just because some twit can't handle words over four characters long shortens a slur term from seven letters to three, it doesn't mean the word is in common use.

            I was all hyped about sending some business your way too, but I hear you on not having any denser wood lying around. I have radius gauges but unfortunately no room to set up my router for doing things like this.

            For those too lazy or can't figure how to use Google:


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                I have decided to go with the 2X4 block. Since I am not in a production environment, 2X4 will work for me. I plan to coat the block with epoxy and am going to attach some scrap square tube to the top for added rigidity.



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                  Nice jig! I made something similar and there is an Ebayer selling 7" maple blocks for $15.50 delivered in 7.25" - 9" - 10" - 12"- 14" - 16" and 20" radii. I have a call into him to make me a compound radius block!


                  IME once you rout them they tend to wander from "flat" to "bowed" unless they are good hardwood and/or backed by to a stout piece of steel of aluminum. I use double stick carpet tape and good silicon carbide wet/dry paper.

                  Oh LMII has very nice hardwood blocks, their SRPL1620 is a 12" x +3" radius block with a 16


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                    I happen to live by a hardwood dimensional mill so, it is nice to find good finds. I am getting a decent price on some North American White Maple Hardwood Boards. 2 - 10'X3" pieces of 8/4 planed and ripped perfect true. So since i only like a couple of hours from Royce I am offering him one of the 10' pieces for his own set if he would route me out one. Plus a case of beer and his charge

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                      Three I wants in 2 days


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                        bump for a good thread..
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                          I bought an 18 inch long 20 inch radius block from Royce a while back. I used it as is to sand down 2 maple fretless bass fingerboards with good results.

                          Great blocks at a great price.


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                            Thx for this posting!  I saw it a couple weeks ago and made my own jig similar to yours these past couple of weekends.  I got a piece of red oak 8/4, 18" long, and about 8" wide.  I made 4 sanding blocks in 7 1/4", 9.5", 10", and 12" radii.  Here are some pics: