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    I have been trying to load some photos and videos from my PhotoBucket account and I can't get anything to work. 

    I have tried the [img]  [/img] codes to my Photobucket url links and it gets me nowhere.  I must be doing something wrong but what?


    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Ought to work. Another way is to bring up the photo, right click, copy image location. Then, when posting, click on the picture of the tree (that's the IMG icon). When the box pops up, click on "From another site" and paste the image url in the box. You'll have to enter an Image title as well. then click on the Insert Image button. That should do it.
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      Thanks, I'll give it another try this afternoon. It was driving me nuts. I never had this trouble before the last software change. Everything taked getting used to.

      Thanks again . . .