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Korg Polysix mod: Tubbutec Polysex


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  • Korg Polysix mod: Tubbutec Polysex


    I would like to announce my Korg Polysix modification kit, the Tubbutec

    It adds an additional control panel to the Polysix and increases its
    musical possibilities.


    There are two different mods which can both be used at the same time:

    The pitch mod routes the envelope to the pitch. You can choose the polarity of the envelope and the reference point in the envelope where the pitch is not changed. This mod is very useful to create portamento like effects, brass instruments, percussive sounds and much more.

    The second mod is the voice spread mod which is a very powerful tool. You can determine the amount of voice spread, route the envelope and one of two LFOs to it and switch voice spreading on and off in poly mode. This mod can be used to adjust and modulate the fatness of the sound in unison mode, in poly mode you can modulate how detuned the Polysix sounds. This can lead to more natural sounds, but can also be used to accomplish complex sound effects.

    More information: http://tubbutec.de/polysex/

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    That's a beautiful kit. Nice faceplate and knobs that stylistically mesh with the Polysix. Nice circuit board.

    Given how this is for a very niche market, you're practically giving it away for that cost, too.




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