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Shimming floyd rose bridge..


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  • Shimming floyd rose bridge..

    Where do the shims go?I took a feeler gauge and used .6mm for E saddles and .2mm for the A,B saddles. Do they go under the part of the saddle where the locking screw is that holds the string in or under the part the has the "U" shaped slot for  saddle.?? I nplaced them under the  section with string lock. do shims have glue or some sticky to hold them?On mine I used a tiny dab of super glue to hold them.

    I had refretted guitar almost year ago and re radiused fret board to 16 .From what I understand Floyd is a 10 radius. Its a original floyd.The Floyd special.Same specs as original.Just cheaper block and saddles.


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    They go "..... under the part of the saddle where the locking screw is that holds the string in.".

    Here is a link from ebay:

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saddle-Shim-Set-for-Floyd-Rose-Locking-Tremolo-/300963485480?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item4612d2 5728

    FYI about the radius:

    The original bridges have a 10" radius from the factory. If you remove the shim that is under the A, D, G and B string saddles, the radius is then 12".

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